Why Friendship is Better Than Relationship

Indian have now got used to the western culture. So have we changed our Mindset according to the western thinking. Many would say no but we can say that efforts are under way and will take time. Now the Movie Friends with Benefits was super movie but when you try something like that in reality you become a big fuss. Here are reason why you would love friends with benefits concept.

1. Well sex is always great thing when it comes enjoying it but we find it guilty as we wanted the girl just for it and now I am going to dump her. But with friends with benefits you don't have to worry.


2. Friends with benefits is like a bond you have this not like one night stand relationship, it's more of like a bond you have which is alluring to explore.

3. Were is the time for love in todays flights and Jobs you have to keep adapting to all the current changes.  Friends with benefits have kind of benefit no love only sex.

deepika- saif

4.  You won't be judged you just have to be yourself with her. It will become the most astonishing thing for your relationship. The things you would like to do in bed will be done without any effort.


5.  Their is no drama no feelings between you. It will help you to consecrate what we call it as become job oriented. Moving in and out will be lot easier you don't have to worry much. 

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