Delhi Government: Your Number Determine When You Drive


India which is facing the large problem of pollution and also the bigger problem for the people has been is getting stuck in Traffic during peak hours. The condition is even worst in National Capital Delhi where if you breathe in you are almost smoking 4 cigarettes in a day. The Foggy climate in Winter make the things worse for the commuters in Morning. They are the people who suffer the most as the settling of all the dust and smoke.
Just a day after when the Delhi High Court declared that living in Delhi was like living in Gas Chamber. Delhi government which has banned petrol or Diesel Buses and made all Buses CNG based. Now the government is planning a even more greater kind of curb Even and odd number of vehicle on the alternate days. Most people don't know how the rule will really work, with some of them thinking it was pointless.
Starting from the 1st Jan 2016 people who's vehicle number registration number ends with odd will drive one day. While the other one will be driven on the other which are even. This will not apply to public transport including auto rickshaw and taxi. The decision was taken by Delhi Government in an emergency meeting on Friday.
Many car makers and Dealers have criticized the move saying the government is not really addressing the issue here. They will not ban Diesel Truck which pass through Delhi or waste being burned around the regions of Delhi.

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