Treasure of 1 Billion Dollar Found in Sea


The Treasure has been found. Coming straight from one of the pirate movies. A ship wreck was found which is said to be laden with Treasure. The Spanish ship was laden with Treasure and was sunk by the Britishers. The ship was sunk by Britishers 300 years ago and now has been said laying beside a Colombian cost. The announcement was made by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. This kind of adventure looks straight from an pirate movie. 

“Great News! We have found the treasure at San Jose Galleon” The president has tweeted. We have found the wreck which was discovered near the port city of  Cartagena. It has been said that the ship was one of the Holy grails which had lot of valuable in it. Being one of the largest ship sunk with such a large quantity of valuables. It is said that the ship had almost $1bn (£662m) amount of treasure in it. 

The Ship was said to be carrying gold, silver, gems and Jewelery collection from Spain's King to South America which was used to help the colonies to fight war against British Rule. It was during this time that the ship was sunken during  June 1708. The vessel was said to be attacked by British warship just outside the Cartagena. The Colombian authorities as an act of secrecy The current location of the ship was not revealed. Mr Santos said that "constitutes one of the greatest - if not the biggest, as some say - discoveries of submerged patrimony in the history of mankind".

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