Funny Videos of Beautiful Girl: Most Hilarious Ice Bucket Challenge 

The Ice Bucket Challenge, some of the time called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, is an action including dumping a basin of ice water on somebody's head to advance consciousness of the malady amyotrophic parallel sclerosis. The test urges selected members to be recorded having a basin of ice water poured on their heads and afterward choosing others to do likewise. A typical stipulation is that named members have 24 hours to go along or relinquish by method for a magnanimous money related gift. On 1 August 2015, the ALS Association re-presented the Ice Bucket Challenge for 2015 to raise further subsidizes with the goal of setting up it as a yearly event.

Here are some of the most hilarious ice bucket some of them are even sexy. Here is a small boy standing for his ice bucket but suddenly as the water and ice is dropped on him and some one tries to throw the water on the boy. Losses the grip of the bucket and rams it on his head. It would have Hurt man. This both the girls are looking to put ice water on each other but next what happens is really funny. One of them losses the grip and fall's down. The video will certainly make you laugh out of your seats. This girl is mentally preparing herself for the ice bucket challenge but the person looking to put the ice losses his grip and lets the all ice go in vain. Not fair man this is not an ice bucket challenge. One of the girl who is trying to put the ice on you can't hold on and trips guess where she would fall straight down the river. This small guy needs to find a smaller bucket for himself or he might ruin the party for everyone.

Why the hell are the people pouring the ice are shorter than the person on whom it is being poured. They really don't understand the logic behind it, are they trying to make a spoof of it. When the bucket is large and large enough you might hit her head.

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