Gym Tips: Parineeti Chopra Inspire You How to Look Sexy !

Parineeti Chopra the first ever Bollywood film were we saw her. She looked a kind of girl full life and adventure. Looking at her physical appearance one also say that she was bit bulky looking at her other counter parts. Here small letter she wrote to her fans saying “4 years ago, a chubby, childish girl was introduced to the world. 4 years later, I am closer to where I used to be! A very special photoshoot let me get rid of all inhibitions and portray the strong, confident girl I feel today. Anybody who thinks it's a challenge take it from me you can also do it! Because I am sure like me you are also built that way”.

1. Your Comfort zone is only the place where most of us don't get magic and as you leave your comfort zone that is where magic happens. The girl has certainly shown us that.


2. More the obstacles more the success. This girl will tell you how to succeed in life, your obstacles define your success.


3. The Harder you fight the more your soar in the sky. Well your enemies define your  goals. This actress certainly has great amount of guts.


4. If you are doing a certain exercise in gym and you want to reach certain weight or length never look through the pain but look beyond the pain that will help you.


5. Her sexy toned legs and figure tell us that no matter how hard you try you should push your limits. More the limit the more you gain.


6. How many of us have quite the proper way of life thinking that maybe time is not right or maybe I am not made for it. Never Give up


7. Every morning you get up don't quite. Morning is important to go beyond the trouble, to burn you energy.


8. Your Can I should over come the error of I can. This will make you go beyond the errors of life. Make the rest of your life as best of your life.


10. Being average is choice and that's what limits your growth but never quite. Being average will not give greatness try harder.


Hope you all get motivated by this Photo shoot was her last sentence.

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