Salman Khan Safe Hit and Run case

salman khan

Salman Khan who was said to be convicted by Bombay High Court in new 2002 hit-and-run case, in which he had been sentenced to five years in jail by the court. Has totally taken a new turn which is good for Salman Khan. On Thursday the court Said that “ on the basis of the evidence produced by the prosecution the court cannot sentence the convicted Salman. No matter how differently the common man thinks about the case.” Salman during the time was shooting for his film. He left the studio in the middle of the shoot and went to the court. He was asked by the court to be present at the time of the decision. He had appealed to the lower court in may saying that they had held him guilty of killing a man with his SUV after a total night out drinking. He had been then sentenced to five year Jail.

The Bombay High Court in today’s verdict said that after seeing that the prosecution has now failed to establish any case evidence against actor Salman Khan in the relation to the 2002 hit-and-run case. The actor had also been asked to be present in the court when the court pronounces the final order. The court also said that seeing all the evidence on the behalf of the Prosecution it is looking like they don't have any solid evidence against him driving the car. He was drunk but the evidence of him driving the car is not been seen.
The court said that they observed that Sallu's former Bodyguard who is dead now was the only witness on the case. He was also the first informant on the case against the actor. The only statement by live witness who had improved the case by saying that yes Salman Khan was drunk and yes, Salman was speeding but after his death the prosecution doesn't have any clean witness on the case.

The judgment was delivered by Justice A R Joshi who while giving the verdict relaxed his brows.  The actor's current legal team sitting in the second floor air-conditioned court room. The judges might likely conclude their proceedings by the day around 4.35 pm after looking at all the evidence in the court.  It is kind of new for our Judicial system to deliver Justice at such fast. Where most of the cases are still stuck, our judicial system seems to be for the rich.

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