7 Absurd Things India Banned This Year

Our government has banned plenty of factors this season, intelligent or risky we often don’t comprehend, however ban has reasonably become today's aspect. Don’t like it? Ban it! thus here’s a list of what exactly they unlawful this season that we often discovered a little strange. However that’s totally our viewpoint.

1. Meat Ban

The Maharashtra Government has went forward with this ban and saying cow was more useful for alternative actions. Maharashtra Animal Preservation (amendment) Act (MAPA), 1995 which was already utilized to ban the slaughter of cattle, in Maharashtra now the local government has gone a stride further saying that ban on eliminating of bulls, bullocks and calf muscles too was essential.


2. Porn Ban

The Government in to ban kid porn on Online came up with plans to prevent all 857 sites which were internet hosting service adult material. The ban however did not last lengthy as the ban had evoked a nationwide dislike. India is a free nation and within our comfort we can view porn. But they prohibited movies though.


3. Cuss Words in Movies

The ban of cuss words in movies was not a new thing but when they even did it with Specter. They might be joking right. Now India's censor board provides us with variety of words which are not to be used in movies. Better look at it when you are guiding an movie.


4. Hollywood Movies

This movies where not too adult nor too easy but our Indian Censor board needs significant amounts of absurd ideas to ban movies like this. From United states Pie to further going down on the row we can look for more of such example. 


5. India's Daughter

A documentary made on the brutal Nirbhaya rape case was a part of the Storyville series but it was banned in India. The film was directed by British filmmaker Leslee Udwin. NDTV had silently protested against the ban by showing a black screen with a flickering lamp in the scheduled time slot.


6. Maggi

The love of almost every single person's life was banned but now that the ban has been lifted everything seems well with the world.


7. Sex Toys

The Term sex is prohibited do you know why because we have inhabitants but not the protection to discuss it. Mature sex toys and games were prohibited by the Indian government as they were said to be evoking sex-related sensation in kids. Thank god they did not ban condom ads really.

We hope to add more to the list Indian Government! 

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