OMG! Model Splurges 120,000 Dollar To Look Like a Cartoon Character!


How far are you willing to go for making your external look become satisfactory enough to fulfill your brain of imagination? Are you willing to keep on the natural part or would you rather go for the more forcing artificial methods?

All that relies on both your commitment and your self awareness. If you think organic would not provide the crafting information, then you have all the right to fix your body system the way you wish for.

But for an example of an excessive taking apart situation of body structure and then restoring it to become someone very different is here. This story is a one of a kind and you can get inspired easily but it still depends on which path you do get inspired.

The story is about Pixie, a woman and a model who changed almost every single part of the body structure in order to look like a cartoon character. The pictures of her transformation from her natural self to the surgically improved body has been doing the rounds of the internet and we are nothing but surprised at the transformation.

Those attractive breasts, the waistline below the zero dimension and the thin hip and legs with an enormous butts. All the attribute information of a lady in the cartoons. She has invested over $120,000 on her operations to get this look. This is her lifetime goal and she has already come on the edge of accomplishing it with just some of the minimal ones remaining to do.

And she is just 25 years old. From her breasts to the nasal area improvement everything is documented so that every part of this look, in good shape and under observations.

But, before the surgery treatment, this lady used to be a one hot piece of artwork. She still had those attractive mouth with a ideal jaw line.

A thin waistline and big breasts made her look even hotter. If it was not for her desire that she took over a finish transformation of looks, she could have still been in the top record of wonderful females around the world.

But she chose to be the cartoon lady than being her own original self. Pictures of her nose job healing and removal of ribs are also present in the record. The doctor is seen doing the fat freezing on the woman in one of the pictures. She now looks this way to us. A hot cartoon lady. Indeed!

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