7 Best Swimming Pool in the world!

Luxurious pools have always been the great show of for the riches. It's kind of act for royalty, a private pool gives us the freedom. Ready for the swim any time it also gives us the privacy we need for having any party if we want to have. Pool party concepts are amazing. Here are some of the pools which will make your heart cringe for them.


1. Aquaria Granda, Mumbai

All the apartments will have their own private pool along in the Balcony. We find it kind of risky for the people who are not quite used to swim on heights. What if the Glass breaks??


2. The Cambrian, Adelboden

It's in the lap of mountains in the alps and once you set your foot in the pool you won't want to come out. This warm water pool might be the perfect gate away this vacation as you swim you experience the snow clad mountains.


3. Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali

Surrounded by lush green rain forests you know, what you need now?. Just a soothing place to swim and relax. This pool in the rainforest will give you the best feelings you need for getaway but you have to be ready to spend big bucks.


4. San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

The pool has been made after kind of just meters away from the sea. The pool provides an ecstatic view of the sea line and during the evening of a sunset. The pools also has an facility of private beach which will help you to arrange a private party.


5. Marina Bay Sands Skypark

The pool is located 55 storey it has been named as infinity pool. Located in Singapore. The pool provides an exotic view of Singapore skyline. Quite a luxury at the cost of your lives in the pool.


6. The Library, Thailand

With view of sea it will make feel pleasant along with red tiles gives a pretty pleasant feeling while swimming in the pool. The rates are said to be nominal during off seasons but can shoot up during vacation season.


7. Zodiac Pool, Umaid Bhawan Palace

Loacted in Jodhpur the pool has some special features . The Umaid Bhawan Palace indoor Zodiac swimming pool which is present beneath the earth next to the Taj Jiva Spa. For the out door view of the pool you can see Mehrangarh Fort provides a relaxing, cooling environment when needed.


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