Strict Punishments For Rape Crime In Different Countries!

Rape is a crime every country is struggling to control. It is a heinous crime and leaves a bad impact on the victim as well as his/her family. The victim not only goes through the physical and mental trauma but is also looked down upon by the society as an outcast. Therefore, to control this the punishment for this crime should be so severe that no one dares to commit this crime again. 

Different countries have different laws and punishment for rape and we have listed it below for your information.

1. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country where the laws for such crime are very strict. If a person is accused of rape and convicted in this country he is first sedated and then beheaded within days of his trial.


2. Afghanistan

You won't dare to rape if you are in Afghanistan because unlike other countries, the culprits are shot in the head within four days of committing the crime or will be hanged, depending on the court's orders.


3. Iran

This country believes in giving death to the culprits. They either hang them or stone them to death.


4. China

The rapists in China are also given death sentences however due to the autocratic leadership in the country sometimes, the innocents also get punished. Some scenarios also include the the punishment of castrating the culprit.


5. North Korea

The country's line of justice is unclear and so death can be given by the firing squad. The firing squad is said to be used as a cover up.

6. Russia

This country is not as strict as the other countries. If a person has raped someone, he can walk away from the prison after serving 3 to 6 years in jail. However if the rapist has caused grievous damage to the victim the imprisonment term can range from 10-20 years.

7. India

The anti Rape Bill passed in 2013 has modified the way a rapist is tortured in India. The convict is either held captive forever that is fourteen years of imprisonment in most cases, or he is awarded a life imprisonment and even death sentence in rarest of rare cases.

8. Norway

In Norway any type of sexual activity without the consent of both the partners is considered as rape. The imprisonment varies from 4 to 15 years depending upon the damage done on the victim.

With punishments as severe as these, it still shocks us to no ends when we read about the rape that takes place all around the world.

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