Sanjay Raut: Not Giving Bail to Sant Asharam Bapu is Injustice!

Shivsena leader Sanjay Raut has brought up the question of why Sant Asharam Bapu did not get bail even after staying in the jail for 18 months whereas hardcore militants and anti-national people get it immediately.

Sanjay Raut was present at the Rajya Sabha as a speaker and raised this matter in the question hour. The leader went on to say that justice in India should be equal and fair for everyone. He said that it was a matter of concern where people like Asaram Bapu were suffering in jail even when their offense has not been proved and anti-nationalists were granted bail.

These hardcore militants go out and vouch for Pakistan and still they are excused almost immediately. He said that it is a grievous matter about the laws of the Indian Judicial system. He started his speech with the lawyers present in the Rajya Sabha saying that there are many senior lawyers present here today who have raised their matters of concern. He further added that he too is the lawyer of public as a whole there may be a little differences in their approach.

Sanjay Raut said that everyone wants the law to be simple and justice to be easy but he said that he wanted the law to be strong as well. He added that our law and justice is deprived from the poor people and the meaning of law changes depending on the client who is standing in front of the law. He said that the definition of justice which changes with bigger and better lawyers for bigger clients is a matter that we should consider and think seriously about.

He also read the first line of the Indian law which states that even if 10 people who have committed the crime are pardoned, an innocent person should not be punished in this country. However, he begged to differ with this statement saying that people like Masarat Alam Bhat are granted bail easily and when they go out they chant about Pakistan but people like Asaram Bapu are detained for 18 months and his bail plea gets canceled even when his alleged crimes are not proven. He termed this as unlawful and said that it was a violation of fundamental civil rights.

He said that the officials can look into the matter and then can punish him but as long as his crimes are not proven he has a right to get a bail. He said that despite the orders from the Supreme Court he did not get bail which raises many questions on the law and justice of the country.

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