Steve Harvey's Epic Fail: The Miss Universe Shocks!

During the Miss Universe contest there was a time of discomfort where inadequate Miss Colombia was crowned as Miss Universe by accident. Everyone is showing their surprise and surprise online over the big mistake as she was the first runner up, while Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was the real champion.

The changing took position when the variety of the contest Mr. Steve Harvey declared that Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez as Miss Universe 2015. The problem took position when the variety did not look at the wining card effectively. Now however he is ready to take the obligation for the problem and has apologized to both Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines. He tweeted that he experienced dreadful for his huge mistake. While some everyone was still disappointed over the big mistake some came out meant for Steve saying that everybody makes errors and there is no need for him to feel dreadful.

It is a show where elegance is intended to be the concept but this rather uncomfortable moment stole the show on Sunday. Until he noticed his mistake Miss Colombia was already crowned and waving at the audiences while cheerfully. When Steve made the decision to fix his mistake Wurtzbach was taken aback and thinking about at what to do. She then stepped up on the front stage stunned where the crown was taken off of the head of Gutierrez and placed on hers instead.

Harvey's intial twitter update was also a mistake where he incorrectly spelled both Colombia and Philippines but instantly removed the twitter update. In a set of twitter posts he apologized to the audiences and audiences as well nevertheless it was an sincere human mistake.

Wurtzbach said that she experienced combined feelings when her name was known as out as the champion. She experienced joy over winning the title, she was concerned for the Colombian contestant and confused over the whole situation. Harvey requested her to just enjoy when and to not fear about the big mistake that he had made.

Pia further said that she tried talking to Ariadna backstage after the conclusion of the pageant but she was surrounded by a crowd of women while she was crying and Wurtzbach realized that it was probably a bad timing. She then told the reporters that she did not snatch the crown from Ariadna and wished the Colombian luck while saying that she hoped the Latin American communtiy understands that none of it was her fault.

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