7 Most Indecent Selfie Of All Time!

Taking selfies has become a fad as of lately and you can see people at any walk of life who are busy taking pictures of themselves. There was a time when taking pictures meant capturing memories of good times but now-a-days a normal person will click at least one picture of his/her just for the sake of it. Though we are not against it and we are happy that we live around people who appreciate themselves, there are certain people who just have the worst timing. Either intentionally or unintentionally people take pictures where their surroundings or they themselves are not decent enough.

We have come across some not so decent images of people who have shared these pictures proudly on one social media website or the other. Check the images for their ridiculous nature below.

1. Sugar Daddy!

What was this guy actually trying to do? If he wanted to seduce someone then his efforts are truly failing. Pouring chocolate syrup on oneself and taking a selfie is beyond our limit of understanding.

Sugar Syrup

2. Photoshop gone wrong

Why don't people join a gym simply and do not waste their time in their awful Photoshop skills. Seriously people you will be doing a favor on others by not showing these pictures to them because no one is going to believe you anyway.


3. Homeless

Don't they have it bad enough that to top it all this guy is using it for his heartless selfie. He shared it this picture on twitter and tried to prove his point, about which we are totally clueless.


4. Bathroom Selfie

This man is strange enough for his reason of taking a selfie in a bathroom stall, but then again we wonder why those two people are in the other stall, together?

Bathroom Selfie

5. Disaster Lover

So this person could not provide any help for the disaster that took place but he could at least have some decency of closing his mouth and not smiling in that selfie at all. How hard is it to show some humanity guys?

Fire selfie

6. Do Not Disturb

With all the selfie lovers around it has been extremely difficult to have a private moment alone, even in the bathroom. But we wonder why that door was even open in the first place.



7. Messy Selfie


With all that garbage around you no matter how hard you try to be sexy, you will fail miserably. Clean it up girl!

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