Direct Ishq Looks Like An Impressive Masala Movie In The Trailer

Prominent Television characters Rajneesh Duggal and Arjun Bijlani-are good to go to bomb the silver screen with their forthcoming flick 'Direct Ishq.' Featuring Kannada on-screen character Nidhi Subbaiah as the female lead, the film's trailer is high on activity and guts, indicating towards an affection triangle.

Directed by Rajiv S Ruia, 'Direct Ishq' is the narrative of the valiant Pandit Rajneesh Duggal who is enamored with the super-brave and music lover Nidhi Subbaih. Nidhi, be that as it may, is good to go to get married with the guileless Arjun Bijlani. Stacked with infectious jokes and great tricks particularly Nidhi's cartwheel stunt over the jeep-the film's trailer most likely looks encouraging.


This account of a beau and a grandmom's last wish to offer her grandson Arjun Bijlani is set to hit the screens in mid 2016

The producers of "Direct Ishq", featuring Arjun Bijlani, Rajneish Duggal and Nidhi Subbaiah, have discharged the official trailer of the film. The trailer of "Direct Ishq" uncovers that Rajneish assumes the part of a raucous roadside romeo, while Arjun will be seen as a good loverboy. The movie is clearly an love triangle and Nidhi plays the normal love interest. She additionally depicts the part of a yearning artist.

Despite the fact that, Rajneish plays a hero in the film, his character is of a man for whom battles are a regular undertaking. On the other side, Arjun is a modest kindred searching for a young lady to wed as his grandma's last wish was to see him in wedlock.

Them two crush over Nidhi, and after that begins a love triangle. Be that as it may, the movie additionally incorporates an enemy and the trailer demonstrates some high-flying action scenes. While Rajneish and Nidhi have worked in a few different movies before, this is Arjun's first extra big screen appearance. The actor assumes the lead part in the famous TV appear "Naagin".


The trailer of "Direct Ishq" was discharged on 29 December, and soon turned into a top inclining topic on Twitter.  


The director of the film, Rajiv S Ruia who had before coordinated films like Main Krishna Hoon featuring Juhi Chawla, and My Friend Ganesha was genuinely entranced with Varanasi chose to catch the city in his next film My Friend Ganesha 4. The cast and group of the film is enchanted by the city as well, and everybody sets out toward touring once the shoot gets over at night.

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