Sofia Hayat Looked Sizzling Hot in 'Six X' Trailer Launch

Stars of the forthcoming film 'Six X' featuring Ashmit Patel and Sofia Hayat were as of late present at the dispatch of its trailer. With the most anticipated arrival of Sofia Hayat's Six - X, here's an exclusive video containing hot photoshoots in sexy swimming outfits, film debut visits and a great deal more for every one of the devotees of this enchantress! Sofia Hayat is an on-screen character, model and singer, who has worked in both British and Indian ventures. She is a British national of South Asian plunge.  

In July 2012, Hayat was named the new "Breathtaking Icon" by Vogue Italia. In September 2013, Hayat named on the FHM sexiest ladies on the planet list in position 81.

Sources have reported clashing conception dates with some reporting 1974 and some reporting 1984. She holds a BA (Hons) in Music and Performing Arts, and has contemplated representing seven years, including the Meisner Technique, of which she is a fan.

Along with Sofia the film also stars Ashmit Patel in the lead role. On the promotional event however, the actress stole the limelight in her little red dress which had a plunging neckline. The actress was boldly showing off her body for the media to click and was seen obliging with their request for photos.  

sofia hayat

There were a lot of people present at the event where the actress was seen discussing something and laughing with them. Stand up comedian Raju Shrivastava was also present at the event where he was seen casually dressed and chatting with his friends. Choroegrapher Ganesh was seen posing for pictures with his fans as well after which he was greeted by the makers of the film. They also went ahead and the whole cast was seen posing for pictures for the media present at the event.

Ganesh while interacting with the media said that he was invited for the event and so he was here to support his friends for the movie. Another guest was heard saying that he was here to congratulate Chandrakant Sir and that the concept of the story is very unique with having six short stories to watch. The film also has 4 directors and a lot of cast and crews. He said the film is a little different where it will be entertaining to watch it as well as to act in it. With the quality of movies shown these days the audience should go and watch this film which will be a refreshing change for them.

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