Dubai Display Spectacular Fireworks 2016 !

Dubai introduced New Year in style with breathtaking fireworks that featured a mysterious eight-act display exhibiting the modern vision of the UAE.

The fireworks commenced at 12 am at the Burj Khalifa tower, moving to the Business Bay Canal, and on to the Jumeirah coastline to the notable Burj Al Arab, before it came to its top in a six-moment and 20 seconds crescendo at The Beach by Meraas, inverse to Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). 


Burj Khalifa.jpg

A fire that ejected at the Address Hotel Downtown close Burj Khalifa neglected to hose the revelers' energy as the world's tallest tower accepted the type of a computerized structure wrapped in different LED displays. 

What took after next was an uncommon ensemble of vivid fireworks coordinated by visual communication on the tower's façade that will make for a convincing visual treat. 

Individuals around the Downtown area, broke out in applause and cheers as the light show that went before the fire show began and they proceeded to until the fireworks died down. 

Notwithstanding the a great many individuals who stood and sat in the assigned review areas in the Downtown area, there were a huge number of other people who flooded the eateries in Downtown and Dubai Mall and encompassing areas, and needed to guarantee they get a prime spot to the appreciate the scene. 

The stunning 20-minute fire display smoldered through exactly nine tons of fireworks. 

A person from Palestine who was at the Burj Plaza, said the fireworks were unbelievable, "it was a tangible over-burden, positively. We truly appreciated it. Cheerful New Year to everybody." 

A visitor who was from Egypt, and was present in JBR said the show at JBR was astounding of course, "it was amazing that the fireworks were being shot out of the waters, it is truly stunning." 

Another tourist from Pakistan who arrived with his family at Burj Plaza said his little kids were somewhat startled at initially, however were astonished at the display. 

"We were concerned that they were going to cross out the fireworks when the fire broke out, however we are happy things went by unique arrangement," he said. 

New Year's eve was spared because of the brisk mediation and noteworthy endeavors of Dubai Civil Defense and different groups on ground.

Watch the video yourself to see the breathtaking fireworks display that took place in Dubai and leave your comments.

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