Fitoor Trailer Released and Boy! It Looks Impressive!


Director Abhishek Kapoor who has been the one director who has taken the Bollywood to all new level with his out of the line movies Rock On!! which was a total music tribute and after that Kai Po Che with friendship which binded lives. But what's coming next from him will be one of the most amazing and really we can say that yes it was heaven for us. Fitoor Abhishek Kapur's next directorial movie looks one which will be getting close to the romance of Kashmir with love. The Trailer had some amazing shots and with dialogues which made us hitched to the words they said. 

The movie will be starring Aditya Roy Kapur, Katrina Kaif and Tabu. The movie looks quite a revelation for the people of Kashmir and with love scenes between Aditya Roy Kapur and Katrina Kaif made our excitement more aroused post the release of its trailer.




The lives of lover Noor and Firdaus along with that we have the breaker Begum Hazrat.

What we see in the movie is Kashmiri boy, Noor, and his love, Firdaus, both of whom are childhood friends. Suffering from the broken heart where the all what Begum does is just look for vengeance.  The vengeance can only be attained with her daughter. Mean while as Noor and Firdaus grow up they become fond of each other. While Noor becomes to obsess over Firadus we see Begum trying to enter the scene. Firdaus who belongs to completely different world he looks to strive for the world in which Noor lives. The total story revolves around the life Firadus and Noor's love. The movie does look some what like Romeo and Juliet type but it does look to catch our heart.


Fitoor - Movie Poster


Kashmir is quite a love between the two characters. The parts of Kashmir we might see in the movie  is quite different for what we saw earlier in the movies.

Abhishek Kapoor's Kashmir is much like quite cold, the total lovely vibes which are exchanged between the characters make us fall for all that belongs between them. The only contrast provided by the autumn of Noor-Firdaus' love.

Whats more soothing to the eyes is Aditya's fit body which was quite a bet to the character . Rather than making him look cumbersome, the all around characterized build adds to the power that Aditya loans to Noor. His eyes - initially touched off pools of yearning and after that empty pits - add to the interest required to play Noor.

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