Chris Gayle Controversy: Comment Sexist, Not Sexy or Funny

West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle has been fined A$10,000 ($7,200; £4,900) by his club for 'wrong conduct' after he approached a TV reporter for a date in a live interview.



Gayle was addressing reporter Mel McLaughlin amid a Big Bash League T20 match in Hobart on Monday. 

"Gayle commented saying that the eyes of the reporter is nice to see for the first time while adding that they can catch up together for a drink later. He also reportedly asked the rather embarrassed reporter to stop blushing. Gayle has said he is sad, yet that the response was "out of extent". Clearly downplaying the scene, the cricketer later tweeted a photograph of an unfilled bed, saying he was drained. He then said his partner Dwayne Bravo was purchasing him a feast in light of the fact that his pockets were empty taunting the fact that he was fined for his misconduct. Gayle was noting questions from Network Ten's McLaughlin after a match when he made the comment, which was broadly censured as sexist.


Chris Gayle


The former West Indies Test captain told journalists on Tuesday that there wasn't anything intended to be discourteous or hostile to Mel. In the event that she felt that way, he was truly sorry for that. He further added that it was a basic joke. The game was going on and in a game things escape extent yet these things happen. McLaughlin has said his date solicitation was a tiny bit baffling on the grounds that she not used to seeing that. She also said that she would prefer truly not to be the subject of such discussions, while advising her network about the same. 

Chris Rogers, Gayle's former captain at Sydney Thunder, blamed him for being an awful impact on more youthful players.

"This is an example of conduct. On the off chance that you know the gentleman, you see it again and again," said Rogers. 

"It's not only him, there's a great deal of this stuff in the brandishing business, and to shield it is not comfortable." 

The Melbourne Renegades said his remarks were "totally improper and rude" and apologized to McLaughlin and to the public. 

"Mel is an extraordinary games moderator," said Renegades CEO Stuart Coventry. "We think about her exceptionally and the club and players will guarantee we work with her in a professional and deferential manner in future." 

"We've had a few discourses with Chris over the previous day and he has recognized that his remarks were out of line," he said. 

The A$10,000 fine will be given to the McGrath Foundation, a bosom growth philanthropy.

System Ten Head of Sport David Barham said Gayle would no more wear an on-field mouthpiece or protective cap cam amid live broadcasts.

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