21 Years After Karan Arjun: Amazing Facts About Its Actors

Revenge and rebirth blockbuster Karan Arjun was, and still is, striking in a few ways when it discharged 21 years back on January 13, 1995. Two of the fixings that made it marvelous - the most vital two, Karan and Arjun - were Super Khans-in-making up Salman and Shah Rukh. 

As Karan Arjun praises 21 years of being magnificent, here are 10 things about its lead actors, both now 50, that just a genuine fan would know.

SRK & Salman as Karan-Arjun

1. Shah Rukh Khan won the Sword of Honor, a prize given to the best understudy, at St Columba's School in Delhi. 

2. In school, SRK's Hindi was poor. His mom guaranteed to take him to the cinema in the event that he passed his Hindi exams and, in light of the fact that youthful SRK adored watching movies, he started to get good grades in Hindi then onwards. 

3. SRK has a fear of riding horses. 

4. SRK was viewing Yash Chopra's Lamhe in a theater with Viveck Vaswani when part of the way through his secretary touched base to educate him that Mr Chopra was considering throwing him in a movie. SRK surrendered Lamhe promptly and went to Mr Chopra's office. He did wind up being thrown in the movie, which was Darr. 

5. SRK ensures his dozing nightgown are naturally pressed each night since you never know who you might meet in your fantasies. 

6. Salman Khan could have turned into an expert swimmer on the off chance that he had so needed. He was a swim champ at school and even tipped to speak to India. 

7. Salman was offered the lead in Abbas-Mustan's Baazigar yet the thought of playing a negative character didn't speak to him. The part went to Shah Rukh Khan and made him well known. 

8. Salman supposedly flew his own particular cook to London from Mumbai to dish up biryani to the cast and group of the movie London Dreams who were worn out on eating mainland sustenance. 

9. Salman has a cleanser obsession. His lavatory at home is stacked with cleanser of each sort and he particularly prefers those made with common foods grown from the ground removes. 

10. Salman is the subject of two fatwas issued by Muslim associations - one identifies with the wax statue of him in Madame Tussaud's, the second is in association with his vicinity at Ganesh Chaturthi pujas. In both cases, the fatwas affirm that he repudiated the Islamic law that denies the love of icons.

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