Kiku Sharda Aka Palak Arrested For Hurting Religious Sentiments

Comedy Nights With Kapil had an extremely prominent TV character who is known with the name as Palak has now landed himself in a bad position. The famous TV performer Palak known with his name Kiku Sharda who plays a mainstream character was captured by Haryana Police for harming the religious assumptions of the devotees of Dera Saccha Sauda. The Kaithal police captured the comic Kiku from Mumbai on Wednesday amid the morning hours. Where he was created in the neighborhood court. The neighborhood court has remanded him to 14 day legal guardianship where he has been reserved under the segment of 295 A under IPC. The protest was filled on January 1 by the devotees of group boss Gurmeet Ram Rahim. Other eight individuals have been reserved for this situation.

Kiku Sharda of CNWK

Performing artist Kiku Sharda (who plays Palak in "Comedy Nights with Kapil") captured for copying Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. 

He has been sent to 14 days of legal care for copying Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. 


Im a craftsman who is given a part, a getup and advised what to do. I've as of now apologized, I didnt need to hurt anybody's slants: Kiku Sharda. 


I didn't intend to hurt anybody's religious estimations. I am sad, I was simply taking after a script: Actor Kiku Sharda.

Kiku Sharda Arrested for Mimicry

Performing craftsman Kiku Sharda told ANI: "I didn't plan to hurt anyone's religious inclinations. I am miserable, I was basically taking after a script. I'm a skilled worker who is given a section, a getup and prompted what to do. I've starting now apologized, I didn't have to hurt anyone's suspicions." After his show that unveiled in December 2015, Kiku had apologized for it. He had tweeted an announcement of disappointment. "Doston the subsequent meet-up TV was not to affront anybody. My demeanors of regret to @Gurmeetramrahim ji and his disciples. We should spread ecstasy." 


After the catch, Kiku apologized and told editorialists, "I'm a skilled worker who is given a section, a get-up and prompted what to do. I've starting now apologized, I might not want to hurt anyone's evaluations. I didn't mean to offend anyone's . I am dismal, I was just taking after a script. Generally, if a faulty word turns out while performing, it's modified by the channel. This is furthermore channel's commitment." We additionally trust that everybody takes the joke in great soul.

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