What!? Leonardo Di Caprio's Mom Is An Amritdhari Sikh! 

Titanic star Leonardo Di Caprio as of late won the Golden Globes Award for his part in the motion picture The Revenant. The Revenant depends on the genuine backgrounds of frontiersman Hugh Glass, which is played by Leonardo in the motion picture. 

Leonardo is known for his super fruitful motion pictures like Titanic, Inception, Catch me in the event that you can, The Wolf of the Wall Street and numerous other unbelievable motion pictures.

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Exactly when we thought we can never have enough of Leonardo DiCaprio, what with The Revenant debilitating to assume control over the current year's Oscars, here's an association that'll charm the Hollywood actor to us Indians much more. Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio might be known for some blockbusters. In any case, did you realize that his stepmother Peggy (née Farrar) is an Amritdhari Sikh? 

DiCaprio's dad George, a comic book writer, wedded Peggy in 1995, after he separated his first wife and DiCaprio's biological mother Irmelin Indenbirken. 

Peggy grasped the religion long ago, yet just started wearing the turban ten years back, as indicated by this report. Peggy DiCaprio wears a turban, and is frequently seen in traditional Indian dresses. By, she joined the organization years prior, yet began wearing a turban just a couple of years back. 

Peggy has a child, Leonardo's stride brother, Adam Ferrar. She is George's second wife after he divorced Leonardo's mother, Irmelin Indenbirken, when the actor was only one year old. Despite the fact that Peggy DiCaprio is Leonardo's stride mother, she is regularly seen with the actor at different capacities. The mother is frequently seen at Hollywood recompense appears as she's effectively identifiable because of her turban. 


In the interim, DiCaprio has won the Golden Globes Best Actor Award this year for his part in The Revenant which depends on the genuine backgrounds of frontiersman Hugh Glass, played by Dicaprio. The actor is currently wanting to win his first Oscar this time. 

Amritdhari Sikh is one who has gotten baptismal promises of the Khalsa started by Guru Gobind Singh and he/she submits to these pledges and takes after the 'Panj Karari Rahit' (standards of wearing the 5ks), the particular emblem presented by the Guru including five images, every starting with the letter K. These are Kesh (long unshorn hair and if there should be an occurrence of men, whiskers as well), Kangha (a brush to keep this hair clean), Kirpan (a sword), a Kada (a wrist band) and a Kaccha (an undergarment).

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