Will "Airlift" Be Made Tax Free On Popular Demand?

After two effective hits – one each in 2014 (Holiday)& 2015 (Baby) – Akshay Kumar is back wearing the enthusiastic focal hero in – Airlift to be released January 22, 2016. The film is as of now conveying awesome vibes. 

No big surprise, his consistent and steadfast fan-base now trusts that the opportunity has already come and gone these endeavors are recognized by forces that be. Initial phase in this course is the interest for 'Tax Free' status which is being advanced unremittingly throughout the previous couple of days.

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In Holiday, Akshay played an Army officer who, alongside his proficient group, figures out how to flush out a cluster of terrorists from various parts of the city. So awed was M.S. Bitta, the director of the All-India Anti-Terrorist Front (AIATF), that he publically asked the Government to make the film tax-free. 

Last year's Baby had Akshay Kumar playing a RAW operators, who set out on a worldwide mission to destroy terrorists. Once more, there was an interest to make the film tax-free, this time from his super-solid fan base 

Tragically for both the films however, the interest wasn't met. Ideally this would be recognized by the Government for Airlift. If not the film or the businessman that Akshay is playing, the Government can recognize itself for the work that this country did 25 years back. 

It was the Government that worked together with Air India to empty 1,70,000 Indians from Kuwait after Iraq assaulted the country. The accomplishment was even recorded in the Guinness Book of World Record. On the off chance that the film is made Tax-Free, a much bigger number of individuals would watch it in theaters. What better approach to announce the significance of its own demonstration than through a famous movie? 

No big surprise, for most recent one week, 'WE WANT AIRLIFT TAX FREE' is slanting on different online networking platforms. An insider remarked approaching what is the criteria for a film to be made Tax-Free? That it passes on a bigger social message which a State government feels deserving of more extensive spread.


Last year, Bajrangi Bhaijaan was made Tax-Free in U.P. Before that P.K., Mardaani and Mary Kom too were exempted from tax by certain state governments. These were great decisions as these were commendable movies. There is no reason why Airlift doesn't merit that either. 

Will that in the end happen? Also, that too before the discharge itself? All things considered, that would be exceptional, no doubt, as it would be a noteworthy win for the film and its informing, also group of onlookers who might have their hands full over the long weekend prompting the Republic Day holiday.

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