Justin Bieber Fans Are Busy Celebrating Beliebers Day On Twitter!

Justin Bieber may have evolved from a singing sensation to the bad boy of pop, however his fans are supporting him like never before. One of the top trends recorded on Twitter in Australia on Wednesday was "#HappyBeliebersDayAllAroundTheWorld".

Since his split from pop princess Selena Gomez, the 20-year-old singer's tricks have been in the features significantly more than his music has. He is because of stand trial for purportedly driving under the influence of drugs and has a hearing pending in Canada into allegations that he assaulted a limousine driver a year ago.

Justin Bieber Birthday

Also, don't forget about his claimed egg flinging at a neighbor's home in LA, Bieber's currently ended up wading in some cloudy waters with the arrival of two videos, made when he was a teenager, in which he lets out some racist jokes. Regardless of the majority of this, the pop singer's fans, or Beliebers, have turned out in large number to demonstrate their backing for the star utilizing the hashtag to celebrate Beliebers Day.

Beside having their own celebratory day, "Belieber's" have demonstrated their adoration for their idol through making fan locales, composing fan-fiction, and tests to perceive if the individual was a bonafide Justin Bieber fan. Three years back, Facebook page was built up to urge fans to wear purple shirts and purple caps to show their backing for him. Charlie Jones, a 14-year old singer from London, composed a song entitled "Belieber forever" and accumulated more than 400,000 perspectives on YouTube.

Beliebers attempt to stand out enough to be noticed, and regularly protect him. I Don't Know How She Does It has a character depicted by Olivia Munn saying that Bieber's birth to a teenage mother was a "billion-dollar botch." Fans assaulted Munn for this line. After Esperanza Spalding won a Grammy over Bieber, Beliebers assaulted her, and in no less than one case, longed for her passing. The vast majority of the counter Spalding action occurred on Twitter and Facebook.

Belieber's Day

It's no the star's birthday, it's only a day for Beliebers to connect and bolster their idol.

The pop singer has issued expressions of remorse taking after the arrival of the videos and has as of late swung to religion and been submersed in a tub. Not withstanding, according to the hashtag his fans are remaining by him and will be Beliebers until the end of time.

As one of his South American devotees tweeted: "@justinbieber our relationship are unbreakable #HappyBeliebersDayAllAroundTheWorld".

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