Sunny Leone Won The Interview and The Internet!


Sunny Leone, definitely, is at the focal point of yet another storm. In her interview to CNN-IBN's Bhupendra Chaubey, on The Hot Seat, Sunny Leone needed to manage corrosive tipped darts camouflaged as innocuous questions. Fundamental everything else was Chaubey's attitude that the Indian 'family audience' - Chaubey's target audience - got a look at in his game of verbally stripping Sunny Leone.

Sunny Leone Interview

Over and over amid the interview, the anchor asked Sunny whether she had any regrets about her past. Regardless of her steady saying that she didn't regret any expert decision of hers, there was no halting the anchor. Test this: "If I somehow happened to turn the clock back, would you do what you did?" Or "Excuse me in case I'm being offensive here - what number of people would long for growing up to be a porn star?" and soon thereafter, Leone's answer was an abrupt, "Nobody."

The anchor, at one point in the interview, likewise specified how his Twitter and Facebook courses of events were brimming with negative remarks and questions for Leone. On the off chance that Chaubey has possessed the capacity to do anything, it is turning the tables. Twitter today is all recognition for the way Sunny Leone handled questions from this 'male charlatan' of an anchor. From her film industry associates to her fans - the Twitterati everywhere - everybody is singing paeans to Sunny Leone today. Regardless of what the anchor's intent may have been, it's very obvious who has turned out possessing a scent reminiscent of roses from the interview.

Sunny is a Rockstar

From testing her on her decision to venture into porn to suggesting that Sunny Leone's "body" is the thing that dominates all else, this inconspicuous as-a-firearm anchor attempted his best to show how the porn star-turned-Bollywood actress had no spot in acting.

By the day's end, there's only a small point that invalidates all the anchor's endeavors to crucify Sunny for having had a past in porn. Also, regardless of how hard he tries to separate himself from the person sitting before him, Chaubey needs to understand the likenesses in the middle of him and her. They are both famous people, both summon a specific audience.

The main contrast here is the amount of the things that both Leone and Chaubey have done have been filmed and appeared to the world. What's more, after the interview, after his hyper endeavors to draw that ethical line between him and his prey, the sun's all sunny on Sunny.

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