John Abraham Returns With The 'Rocky Handsome' Trailer 

The handsome hunk John Abraham is back as the rough and tough cool dude in and as 'Rocky Handsome'. The masculine actor with looks that can execute, is seen wielding a gun in the film trailer, which figures out how to awe with its sheer stunts. 

John will be seen nearby his 'Welcome Back' co-star Shruti Haasan, who plays his love interest in the film. 'Rocky Handsome' is the narrative of a man in his thirties, who has slaughtered more than 70 individuals. He doesn't ha anything to lose aside from a youthful friend played by youngster actor Diya Chalwad, who shot to fame with a well known toothpaste promotion.

The film has been highly discussed for its action sequences as they are relied upon to be similar to never-seen and have been referred as 'item numbers' by John himself. Including the Aikido, Hapkido and Krav Maga types of hand to hand fighting, the action flick has been shot in Hyderabad, Goa and Mumbai. 

Rocky Handsome is reputed to be loosely "roused" by a Korean film called The Man From Nowhere. The description of the teaser says, "For those that don't have any desire to know him he is Deadly, Dangerous or Rocky. For his just friend, he is Handsome. His past is puzzling. At the point when his friend is detracted from him he goes to war with a vengeance." 

While Nathalia Kaur plays the mother of the seven-year-old, actor Imran Khan likewise has a special appearance in the film. Co-produced by John Abraham and coordinated by Nishikant Kamat of "Drishyam" popularity', 'Rocky Handsome' is good to go to release on March 25, 2016. 

Trailer of John Abraham's Rocky Handsome is out and  it is a short one moment affair that does not let you know much. Yet, hold up you can have sufficient perspective of  John's biceps and eight pack abs, looks like one man show/movie! 

John Abraham is handsome — without a doubt. What's more, his stone solid physical make-up is the kind most actors would kick the bucket for. 

So 'Rocky Handsome,' his up and coming action dramatization, is flawlessly suited for him. All things considered, he gladly calls himself an 'action saint'. Discussing the title of the film, John said that when he was in school, he was called Johnny Handsome by the young ladies. So while he was examining the film with his director Nishikant Kamat, he recommended that they ought to utilize the same name for the film. In any case, that was patented, so they couldn't utilize it. He included that his character is a specialists who required a code name. So 'Rocky Handsome' came up as his code name.

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