Shahrukh Khan Songs:  MySRKAnthem Become Online Range

Shah Rukh Khan is a genuinely global superstar with unique appeal and matchless wit, when he expands his arms, the entire world begins to look all starry eyed at him. SRK has made an astounding adventure to stardom, from "Fauji" to 'Lord Khan' as he is alluded to today, he really should be at the zenith of popularity. From a TV actor to the superstar of Bollywood and from a reprobate to a quintessential saint, SRK demonstrates his line from Chennai Express; 'Don't underestimate the power of a common man' through his wonderful trip! 

Keeping in mind the end goal to get a "stage closer" to his fans, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is anticipating connect with them through live video beams #fame, a live video social platform. 

As of recently, the actor has been collaborating with his fans by means of his @iamsrk social media handle. In any case, now, he wants to take that experience a notch higher through live video beams in which he will have question-and-answer sessions and will likewise share life lessons, intriguing minutes from his work and life, and the reasons he has faith in. 

Gotten some information about his most recent style of communicating with his fans, Shahrukh Khan said, "I have been blessed to get love and fondness from such a variety of lovely people from around the globe, throughout the years. I don't care for calling them simply my 'fans', they are the ones who love and support me and I generally search for routes in which I can give back this love. Social media has been one simple method for uniting with a great deal of them. #fame now will make video connection conceivable with every one of them and get me a stage closer to them. In this way, I am charmed to invite everybody – follow iamsrk on #fame. I anticipate my live beams and interactions." 

The actor, whose was most recently seen in 'Dilwale', will be found in his tremendously awaited releases this year – "Fan" and 'Raees'. CEO – To the New Ventures (#fame is a piece of it), Puneet Johar, said, "By conveying SRK to the live video communication platform, we trust that talented young people get enlivened to utilize it #fame showcase their talent to the world." 

Well this is not by any means the only video which has been asserted to be a SRK Anthem by each fan of the superstar. Singer Neha Kakkar has additionally got each fan of the actor crooning to her most recent number. The video that went online only four days back has officially crossed 160000 views and still counting.

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