Florida News: 16 Girls Pregnant When A 15 Year Old Ejaculated In Pool!

In a strange incident, 16 girls have gotten to be pregnant accidentally subsequent to getting presented to the water which had semen of a kid who discharged in the pool by mistake. The incident has been accounted for in Tallahassee Herald which says that everything happened in a birthday pool party in which a young fellow discharged in the pool without offering cautioning to alternate individuals and subsequently 16 girls who are in the age gathering of 13-17 got pregnant.

Tommy Coulter - 15 Year Old Who Discharged In The Pool

Daliah Jennings, the girl whose birthday was being celebrated feels upbeat that she didn't get pregnant. In her words, "I'm happy I didn't have my bathing suit that day. It was a shock party to praise my fifteenth birthday, we should simply say that a baby in my womb is the sort of present I'm happy I didn't get."

The 15 year old youthful gentleman claimed that he didn't get physically included with anybody in the party and he just discharged in the pool by mistake. This is the thing that he needed to say in regards to the incident, "A few people around the local area say we had some sort of wild sex orgy going on and that is the means by which I got every one of those girls pregnant, yet I'm proud to say that I am still a virgin and that on the off chance that anybody doesn't trust me, I'm prepared to undergo medical examination to demonstrate it if that is the thing that it takes."

He likewise said that he has turned into some kind of a local celebrity. People come up to him all the time and shake his hand and congratulate him, however he said he didn't do anything, looking sincere.

Girls In The Party

Dr. John Suzukima from Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital has given the purpose behind this odd incident, "Clinical tests have demonstrated that people who experience the ill effects of spermafortis have sperm counts near a thousand times more strong and rich in spermatozoids than the normal man. This sort of semen is genuinely like that of common water mammals, for example, dolphins, manatees and seals and has properties that make it staggeringly impervious to water. This condition could clarify what happened for this situation however clinical trials and further tests would be expected to demonstrate this hypothesis."

While around 14 of the girls are up for abortion, 2 of the impregnated girls will be keeping the baby because of religious beliefs.

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