Fire At Make In India Event, Amitabh Bachchan Had A Narrow Escape

Changing renditions about the causes prompting the bursting fire that cut down the stage at the Make in India event in Girgaum Chowpatty in Mumbai have risen. According to a report from a main English every day, it creates the impression that the Maharashtra government overlooked rules and notices which prompted the fire and put lives of numerous in peril.

Fire At Make In India Event

By authorities the blast was created because of firecrackers that were set off at the venue. Fire station officer A Bhor who was posted at the venue said that partner divisional fire officer Karl D'Souza had sent a letter to the coordinators on Saturday to ensure no firecrackers are busted. Yet, this was not followed.

The fire at 'Make in India' event, held in Mumbai, left onlookers and the authorities shocked. Thankfully, because of some painstaking endeavors from the firefighters and volunteers, the fire was brought under control and there were no casualties as the members and audience was evacuated in time.

At around 8:22 pm on February 14, a fire broke out from beneath the stage when Marathi film actress, Pooja Sawant, was performing a lavani number with a group on the stage. The actress and the group of dancers were taken backstage and evacuated from the venue immediately.

Aamir And Amitabh Escaped Fire

Bollywood megastar, Amitabh Bachchan, as well, had a narrow escape as he was present on the stage only a couple of minutes preceding the unfortunate incident. Be that as it may, he could have been stuck in an unfortunate situation had he followed the timetable. Big B took to Twitter and said, "Generation was needing me to stay and retreat on to meet the CM .. had I done a reversal would have been caught in fire .. fortunate."

Aamir Khan, who was additionally present at the event, was evacuated in time. He hailed the firefighters and authorities for dealing with the circumstance. "The fire at Chowpatty was most unfortunate however the emergency was exceptionally all around took care of by the Mumbai Police, Fire Dept and the Maharashtra Govt. The CM stayed till the end to oversee the evacuation. Brilliant disaster management." Actors Vivek Oberoi and Shreyas Talpade were lined up to perform at the event that was sliced short because of the furious flares.

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, who by and by kept a watch on the goings-on till the fire was brought under control, has requested for an inquiry into the unfortunate incident.

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