Apple Inc. Working With Rapper Dr. Dre On Original TV Series

Last Friday, news broke that Apple was really, truly, no questions about-it making its own particular TV show: Some sort of personal arrangement about Dr. Dre, rapper/producer/earphone maker and, critically, Apple employee. 

This was befuddling, in light of the fact that while heaps of people have anticipated/fantasized that Apple would get into TV, this wasn't the manner by which the prediction/fantasy should work. Rather than purchasing Netflix, or a TV network, or if nothing else snapping up the rights to should see TV like the NFL, this was just … a show. 

This drove some to question the veracity of the Hollywood Reporter's story, yet that is not the situation. In the event that Apple's PR mechanical assembly needed to thump down a story it didn't need there, not to mention one that wasn't true, it could unquestionably do as such. 

All in all, once more: Is Apple truly getting into the TV business? Yes. However, additionally, not by any stretch of the imagination. 

The genuine answer is more modest: Apple has as of now been financing video content it uses to market Apple Music — "to extend Apple Music," in the expressions of an insider. What's more, it's doing that with the Dre show. Full stop. 

That is a great deal less energizing than "Apple Is Getting Into TV," yet it's more exact. For a considerably more exact, and a great deal all the more exhausting feature, how about we utilize Twitter client @eric_analytics' phrase: "Apple Is Getting Into Content Marketing." 

The Drake "Hotline Bling" video that produced a million images? Financed by Apple, keeping in mind it didn't overemphasize it, it debuted on Apple Music. It made a marginally bigger deal about the Taylor Swift show motion picture it financed, which remains an Apple Music exclusive. 

Furthermore, that is the arrangement with the Dre show — alongside more video content to come — as per people acquainted with the company's arrangements. In any case, that is it. 

In this way, yes — one day Apple could stop seeing videos as things to compensate/initiate Apple Music purchasers and begin making original video, at scale, as Netflix. 

However, to imagine that scenario, you need to let yourself know why Apple would need to be in that business. Netflix does it to enlarge its existing business — offering bundles of content other people have as of now run elsewhere. 

Possibly, one day, Apple will get into the TV bundling business, as well. In any case, until it does, or it finds some other approach to profit from video — and how about we be clear, offering the intermittent TV show to consumers or different networks isn't a genuine business for a company Apple's size — video will remain a novelty for Tim Cook.

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