Ki and Ka Trailer: Gender Reversal Roles Of Kareena, Arjun 

Househusbands are a rare breed in India. Be that as it may, isn't it delightful to see a man whose just desire in life is to deal with his house while his wife gets the money home. Such role reversals are scarcely found in the extremely patriarchal India. 

Ki and Ka speaks of a comparative story where Kareena Kapoor wears the "pants" in the relationship while her lover Arjun Kapoor is content taking care of the house. 

There's a scene in the trailer of R Balki's next film Ki and Ka that dilutes the dynamic gender representation this film attempts to show. 

The just released trailer is the thing that one could term as a fun watch. It is basic, the lead pair are tasty to watch and the comic circumstances and lines are captivating without agony from the typical over the top malaise. 

In the scene, Arjun Kapoor — who plays a house husband to Kareena Kapoor, an ambitious marketing manager — cites a headache to escape some sexytime with his wife. Kareena's reaction? 'Bhaad mein jaye tera head (to damnation with your headache)' and after that she proceeds to climb on top of him. 

This is the point at which you understand that Ki and Ka is a love story around a couple who are probably different. Up until this point in the trailer, you are intrigued at this gender role reversal, and all the more thus, at both the characters' straightforwardness at which they essay those roles. 

Arjun Kapoor's character is totally fine being a house husband and isn't a result of unfortunate circumstances. Kareena's character is a normally ambitious person, and her extend periods of time and hectic professional life isn't given a gender spin. 

With countless films on marriage and connections in Bollywood, R Balki's up and coming film Ki and Ka is good to go to give another tadka to the set idea of marriage in India. The love story challenges the set standards of marriage with the story of Kia and Kabir. 

The two-minutes trailer gives an understanding into the story of a couple who reclassify gender roles in their relationship. Arjun assumes the role of a house-husband who has no aspirations and needs to be similar to his mom. While Kareena, then again, is a profession situated young lady who has longs for turning into the CEO of the organization soon. 

The producers took to Twitter to share the tremendously anticipated trailer of the film. Aside from the intriguing story, the film likewise gloats of a crackling science between the lead pair.

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