Crazy SRK Fan Dived Into The Swimming Pool

Shah Rukh Khan certainly follows a ‘HUGE’ group of fans. Nowadays, everyone was looking forward to the discharge of his fan anthem since lengthy. He was in Delhi and all his lovers were patiently waiting have fun with the music which was in information since lengthy now. There was tremendous audience outside Hansraj Higher education nowadays. Reviews declare that around 20,000 insane lovers were patiently waiting outside the school for getting a glance of him.

SRK and Fans In Pool

But now, we have something for you! We carry for you the insane movie of ‘Mein Tera Fan Ho Gaya’ which has been launched just now!

This music is fun and enjoys Gaurav’s sympathetic and stunning really like for Aryan Khanna, his celebrity. He likes him to the primary and always wants him. Even though individuals mock him for that, his really like doesn’t reduce. In this movie, SRK is dance crazily to its music and this would definitely improve your eagerness about this music. So here we go, appreciate the video!

It is no information that celebrities have to cope with all sorts of lovers - the insane ones, the very funny ones, the strange ones, the passionate ones. And being the most important celebrity from the is only going making it much more complicated, like it occurred once with Shah Rukh Khan. While getting the press at the music launch of his future movie, 'Fan,' the performing professional exposed about one of his strangest encounters with a fan ever.

Shahrukh Khan In Swimming Pool

Now we've observed of lovers composing characters in blood vessels and status outside homes for times at a expand, but SRK's fan was far from doing all this frequent things. Actually, he did not even want an autograph or an image with Khan. All he desired to do was...bathe in SRK's diving pool! No, we are not creating this up, the performing professional said so himself.

"He took off his outfits and hopped into my swimming pool. When he was returning, my security officers enquired him about what he was doing there. He informed the security officers that he just desired to shower where Shah Rukh Khan washed," read Khan, while dealing with the press.

Incidentally, SRK will also be seen reprising the part of an passionate fan in the Maneesh Sharma directorial. Shah Rukh, who is enjoying a dual part in the movie, will also perform the celebrity his fan personality, Gaurav, worships. The movie, which represents the performing first appearance of Waluscha D'Souza, is scheduled to hit displays on Apr 15, 2016.

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