Shahrukh Khan Made The Crowd Go Crazy At Hansraj College

On Tuesday, all roads in North Campus lead to Hansraj College. From the rickshawallah at the Vishwavidyalaya Metro station to the vendors outside different universities, everybody in the vicinity knew that Shahrukh was going to visit Hansraj College. Students had been pouring into the grounds there since morning and once ShahRukh arrived, barricades, security and the police - nothing could control the relentless crowd. Diksha a Ramjas student said that she went to the venue at around 10 AM in light of the fact that she knew she wouldn't have the capacity to get wherever to stand and that she can't climb on trees such as those young men. Be that as it may, once she got a spot in the front column, she was not able leave - there was no spot to try and move! Another student, Nikhil Saxena of Kirori Mal College, said, "Why might any of us need to miss a chance to see Shah Rukh live? A fest is going ahead at KMC, yet the greater part of the students of my school arrive."

SRK At Hansraj College And Crowd

Numerous excited students climbed up on to the trees and the terrace.Apparently, in the midst of this, five students likewise came to outside the gate to "protest" against SRK, however were detained by the police.

More than 30 policemen, more than 150 bouncers and the school security together couldn't prevent students from hopping over and breaking the barricades once ShahRukh arrived. A security individual who was remaining at the blockade to prevent girls from hopping said that their organization handles a great deal of bigger events yet here despite having 150 bouncers accessible, they were not ready to handle the crowd which was getting to be uncontrollable.

SRK Gets His School Degree

The medical attendants in ambulances there let us know that stand out girl was serious, and 7-8 others were fine after they were given water - they even came back to the ground! Brutal Singh, a student of Hansraj, said, "I ate just two biscuits the entire day, and I needed to give my water bottle to each individual around me why should about 'pass on'. I have experience of surviving such events - I don't comprehend why people come without planning."

Hansraj is ShahRukh Khan's institute of matriculation, and the students have had numerous versions of Shah Rukh-and-his-degree stories... till Tuesday. At the point when SRK came up in front of an audience, Dr Rama Sharma, vital of the school, declared, "We are exceptionally upbeat to display the degree to ShahRukh after such a large number of years. We had kept his degree securely in school." And as the degree was acknowledged, all myths were broken. The students appeared to be in shock.

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