Thousands Come On The Streets Of Delhi Against JNU Crackdown

In an extraordinary show of solidarity, a huge number of students alongside scholars, academics and the intelligentsia on Thursday hit the roads of New Delhi criticizing the capture of JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar over charges of sedition and requesting his quick discharge.

Dissidents swelled by the hour in the walk, drove by the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union, that started from the Mandi House circle around 2 pm and finished at Jantar Mantar, conveying traffic to a halt in the heart of the capital.

Protest: Say No To Anti-Nationals

The chain of dissidents containing students from universities the nation over measured over a kilometer at one point who rent the air with the motto JNU...JNU as they walked ahead.

Eminent scholar Zoya Hasan portrayed the moment as a critical juncture.

Conspicuous leaders of the left gatherings including CPI(M's) Brind Karat and Mohammed Selim, aside from Swaraj Abhiyan leader Yogendra Yadav, veteran journalist P Sainath excoriated the Center for crushing dissent in their talks.

Students from the Delhi University, Hyderabad University, South Asian University, Jamia Millia Islamia University raised cheerful slogans, recounted verses, sang resistance tunes as they walked till Jantar Mantar with numerous depicting it as an age.

In the first place of the walk, an immense number of the nonconformists grasped roses and brought them up noticeable all around as one while letting out a cry of defiance. Numerous legal advisors partook also saying that the ones who assaulted journalists and students in court premises don't represent us rather ashame us.

For Vishnu Nagar, a veteran journalist, the exhibit, one of the biggest as of late, was a major historical moment that has disposed of the depression that set in the course of the most recent couple of days.

Protest Against JNU

A student of Ramjas College, Eeshat, holding up high a bud of rose such as a large number of different students, portrayed it as his weapon, wielding which he has come to voice his perspectives on how our country ought to be similar to.

Numerous were heard raising slogans in support of Umar Khalid, a JNU student whom police is on the lookout for. They alleged that Umar was a victim of Islamophobia.

Delhi School of Economics student Ayanti Ghosh said, You can't run a dictatorship in the shroud of democracy.

Tending to the dissidents, Karat requested the withdrawal of sedition charges that has been slapped against Kanhaiya and alleged that the government is assaulting the autonomy of the universities.

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