MMS Leaked Of Top 5 Bollywood Actress

When it comes to stars and Bollywood it is nothing new that the actors are always under scrutiny of the media and people as well. They are not easily let off from anything, especially from controversies. Here we take a look at the fact that this news comprises of a standout amongst the most famous MMS which has been leaked. We are likewise taking a look at the fact that this MMS had found these stars absolutely napping and we so have a reason to trust this may be a major turn off for every one of us. 

1. Kareena Kapoor

Bebo also called Kareena Kapoor has tamed debate effectively. When she was on the most astounding purpose of her prominence she was having an unfaltering adoration illicit relationship association with Shahid Kapoor. There was a MMS of Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor which had transformed into a web sensation. The couple never affirmed this MMS. Maybe they kept up a stoic silence on the issue. The MMS exhibited both Bebo and Shasha in a comfortable scene. They were clicked by a fan when they were smooching one another in an open spot.


2. Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta the beautiful and the charming star was in news for the absolutely wrong reasons. When she was seen cleaning up in bathroom. In spite of the fact that the nature of the video is sufficiently bad, the actress had additionally denied her face in the video. We could simply continue speculating. 


3. Malika Sherawat

Known for her sex appeal, Mallika Sherawat was in news for the wrong reasons when a sex video was making rounds on the Internet, which purportedly showed the on-screen character making out with an outcast. Mallika in any case, termed the video as a fake.


4. Sonakshi Sinha

As of late, Sonakshi Sinha was in news when a sex video transformed into a web sensation on Whatsapp. The lady in the video had striking similarities with the on-screen character anyway she was furthermore thought to be a Sonakshi twin.


5. Radhika Apte 

The talented on-screen character also fell prey to shames when a video was leaked in which she was seen flaunting her breasts. It was evidently a scene from one of her short motion pictures, which was leaked before its completion. Well the talented actor resisted the urge to panic and has likewise recorded a complaint. She looks like a major news champ.

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