Top 16 Surprising Facts About Alden Richards You Didn't Know!

The hit AlDub pair has unquestionably opened more open doors for both Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. 

How about we examine Filipino performing artist Alden Richards underneath his outstanding "pabebe" wave (glamorous lady's wave). 

We've recorded 16 certainties about Alden for each AlDub fan: 

1. Alden Richards began acting at 18 years old. 

His first television plug was a multi-vitamins item. Before getting the part, he claims to have fizzled auditions. 

2. He has two expo titles. 

Alden hails from the area of Sta. Rosa, Laguna and has joined exhibitions. He won Ginoong Santa Rosa in 2009 and Ginoong Laguna in 2010. 


3. He beforehand utilized his genuine name as a part of auditions. 

In another report, the site noted that Alden had utilized his genuine name when he auditioned for "Starstruck," a broadcast talent search. He didn't win but take a look at him now! 

4.  Becoming a performing artist was his mom's dream for him. 

Alden concedes that it was not his dream to be an actor, but her mother's, who died seven years sgo. She demanded that if there was an opportunity, he ought to get it. 

5. Alden was offered a reprieve in 2011. 

When he passed an audition, he changed his name to Alden Richards. He turned out to be a piece of GMA's local drama, "Alakdana" (The Lady Scorpion). 

6. Channel GMA knew he would be huge. 

Another report reveals that in 2011, the television station's forecast was that Alden would be a hit in 2012. All things considered, surely, they didn't expect AlDub! 

7. Alden was a co-host before AlDub happened. 

Alden told that he turned into a co-host in early afternoon appear "Eat Bulaga" on an experiment with period. He said he did his absolute best to wind up a mainstay. Yes, you did! 

8. He's a fanatic of Maine before AlDub. 


Alden advised that he used to search for Maine's Dubsmash videos. He reveals that he is impressed by Maine's Dubsmash skills. 

9. Alden is pleased with his roots. 

Alden posted a shoutout video that he would be visiting his former school. 

10. Obviously, he adores to work out. 

Alden told Philippine Star that he goes to the gym ordinary for two hours. That clarifies his built! 

11. Alden is a recording artist. 

His "Wish I May" tune is definitely a hit among fans. 

12. He bolsters a cause for the homeless. 

He got to be diplomat for Habitat for Humanity Philippines in 2014. 

13. Alden has a major heart. 

He never neglects to say thanks to God and his fans. 

14. He stays humble. 

Notwithstanding the fame, kindred artists verify Alden's humility. 

15. He can't believe his fame. 

Alden told that despite everything he can't believe if what's transpiring is true. 

16. He's cleared out gave. 

Notice the way he holds his cup. He's admitted, that he is left-given.

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