Afghan Boy Murtaza Finally Bags His Real Messi Shirt 

The Afghan kid who turned into an online hit subsequent to wearing a hand crafted shirt bearing Lionel Messi's renowned number 10 has at last gotten the genuine article - from the Argentine footballer himself. 

BBC Trending found the kid known as "Messi's greatest fan", five-year-old Murtaza Ahmadi, who originates from the Jaghori District, in the eastern Ghazni region of Afghanistan. 

Messi's administration group affirmed on Thursday that Murtaza was sent a marked Argentina shirt and football from the Barcelona forward, who has been delegated the world's best player five times. 

"I adore Messi and my shirt says Messi cherishes me," Murtaza said - as of now consummating his own objective festival. 


The online quest for the kid was started by a solitary photograph that circulated around the web, demonstrating to him wearing the hand crafted shirt produced using a striped blue plastic pack, mimicking the renowned Argentina strip. 

Guarantees at first took after that the kid was an Iraqi Kurd and that the Barcelona star needed to locate the youthful fan to give him an appropriate shirt. 

In any case, the wellspring of the online bits of gossip asserting that the photo was taken in Dohuk, Iraq, later admitted making it up. 

Murtaza was at last recognized as the kid in the photo after his uncle, Azim Ahmadi, an Afghan living in Australia, put BBC Trending in contact with his brother, Arif - the youthful gave Messi fan's dad. 

The Ghazni farmer affirmed his child was the kid who caught individuals' imaginations worldwide and included that Murtaza was "to a great degree glad". 


Messi is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Children's Emergency Fund (Unicef) and the office got the shirt to the kid, posting the photo of Murtaza on its Facebook page. 

Messi additionally sent some additional shirts, which might now be snapped up by Murtaza's family, including his most seasoned brother Hamayon, who distributed the first pictures on Facebook, which then circulated around the web. 

It tugged on the heart strings of football fans far and wide, inciting the online networking chase that in the long run distinguished Murtaza as the young man with the 'saddest football shirt in the world'. 

Sport was rarely played under Taliban standard, and the football stadium in Kabul was a famous venue for executions, stonings and mutilations. 

Football and cricket are the two most prominent sports in the war-ravaged nation. 

Recently it rose the youth had been welcomed by Messi to visit him at Camp Nou, Spain after the footballer saw the photos. 

It's not clear what's happened to the plastic pack, which might now have been resigned.

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