See How The GOP Debate Is Trending On Different Platforms

The GOP debate publicized on CNN Thursday and was loaded with sharp feedback, applauding and boisterous shouting. The shouting, which now and again sounded sharp and screaming, was not lost on Twitter.

We haul out the greatest trends from Google from GOP Debate in Charleston, S.C.

GOP Debate

On YouTube

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush discharged another notice today called "Enough" assaulting leader Donald Trump.

On Twitter

The #GOPDebate is the main trending thing on Twitter.

Which States Are Tuning In?

New Hampshire positions at the main state communicating the most interest in tonight's GOP debate. Vermont, D.C., Iowa and West Virginia round out the main 5 most interested states. Everything except 4 states are conducting Google searches about tonight's debate.

Who is the Top Searched GOP Candidate?

Donald Trump sweeps each of the 50 states in being the most searched Republican candidate.

Donald Trump

Google interest in Donald Trump is dominating in the U.S., and globally he's resonating in Kenya, Canada and Panama. For U.S. urban areas, the business mogul is generating interest from New York, Dallas and Houston.

Jeb Bush

One of the top searches for Jeb Bush is getting some information about his wife, Columba Bush.

Marco Rubio

The Florida Senator is accepting the most Google love tonight from urban areas in the Sunshine State including Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Orlando and Miami.

GOP Debate - Donald Trump And Others

John Kasich

While Ohio Governor John Kasich is trafficking the majority of his Google searches from urban areas in the Buckeye state, he's just enlisting in the U.S. on a worldwide scale.

Chris Christie

Governor Christie's top trending queries incorporate his governor status, while his breakout queries are focused on his bridge scandal.

Ted Cruz

One of the top trending queries for Cruz is the place he was conceived, likely playing off Donald Trump's recent birther accusations against Cruz.

Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson is the main candidate who's number one nation generating Google searches isn't the U.S. The countries most interested in Dr. Carson are Kenya, Jamaica, Tanzania, Nigeria and Ghana.

Carly Fiorina

Google look trends show that the most interest in the former Hewlett Packard CEO is originating from Washington D.C., San Francisco, Orlando, San Jose and San Diego.

Rick Santorum

The former Pennsylvania Senator is seeing the most Google interest from two urban communities in his home state, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Mike Huckabee

The former Arkansas Governor is seeing the majority of his Google searches originating from the South, including Little Rock, Nashville and Louisville.

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