20 Lesser Known Facts About Justin Bieber That You Didn't Know!

Pop star Justin Bieber's birthday is March 1 and the awful kid heartthrob is turning 22 years of age. On his birthday let us observe Justin Bieber's life and lesser not facts about the Canadian singer.

Justin And Drake

1. Justin is a gigantic devotee of Drake and admires him like a more seasoned sibling, says Bieber's director Scooter Braun.

2. He's not a devotee of "swag." "I don't generally get a kick out of the chance to say "swag" any longer since it's sort of played out," he says.

3. He is exceptionally defensive for her younger sibling, Jazmyn.

4. Jeremy Bieber, his dad, is a previous MMA contender.

5. He cherishes his fans so much, he says every one of his fans are his girlfriends.

6. He's a major aficionado of Twitter and adores to interact with his fans. In fact, directly after he tweets, he promptly verifies who answered to it first.

7. His mom set up different videos of him singing to surely understand songs on YouTube, which of course began his journey to super-stardom!

8. Bieber is "exceptionally influenced by black culture" despite the fact that he additionally doesn't consider culture "black or white." He included, "It's not me attempting to act or pose certainly. It's a lifestyle—like a smoothness or a swag, as such."

9. R&B singer Usher famously dispatched Bieber's career, despite the fact that he did at first turn him down, however he later had a change of heart.

10. He at present lives in Britney Spears previous home in Los Angeles.

Justin Bieber 2016

11. His 3D concert film and documentary, Never Say Never (2011) earned almost $100 million around the world.

12. Smallville and Friends are his most loved TV appears.

13. His full name is Justin Drew Bieber.

14. His haircuts have cost up to $750, one tattle publication claims.

15. He doesn't trust numerous individuals. Bieber says the main individuals he trusts are his mother and father, and Braun with his career.

16. His interests at school included chess, soccer and hockey.

17. He taught himself how to play the Trumpet, Guitar, Piano and Drums.

18. He has several tattoos including an owl and "Accept" to his left side arm, a crown and Roman numerals on his mid-section, a bird on his hip, and Jesus tattoos on ribcage and his left calf.

19. Before he got marked, he was actually thinking of going on American Idol.

20. He can unravel a Rubix cube in under two minutes!

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