FAN Trailer: Shahrukh Khan Plays The Role Of An Obsessive Stalker!

Fan's just released trailer will bring recollections of Shahrukh Khan's well known film Darr flooding back to your brain. A Fan's dazed obsession for his early showing superstar that overflow to dangerous extents.

Directed by Maneesh Sharma and produced by Aditya Chopra, Fan likewise highlights Shriya Pilgaonkar among others. The film is slated for April 15 release.

At the trailer launch, SRK precluded that one from securing the two characters he plays in Maneesh Sharma's film Fan looks to some extent like his "psycho" characters in films, Darr and Baazigar.

The recently released trailer looks intriguing and promising. Intriguing for its one of a kind storyline and promising for SRK's at no other time considered performance to be that of his own fan.

Fan spins around the story of a 20 something Gaurav who eats, drinks, sleeps and looks like superstar Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh Khan) who he alludes to as God.

To meet his object of worship, he touches base in Mumbai from Delhi. The meeting happens however call it destiny or design, Gaurav's undying affection for Aryan Khanna transforms into a dangerous obsession that the latter begins despising his own fan. Physical and savage confrontations follow where Aryan can be seen making a decent attempt to caution his fans and well-wishers against Gaurav.

As Gaurav apropos totals, Kabhi fan star ke peeche, kabhi star fan ke peeche.

FAN Movie Poster

For fans and critics, Fan will present a hitherto unseen Shah Rukh Khan and an alternate style of acting from King Khan.

The scene when SRK as Gaurav actually drops his jaw on seeing Aryan Khan (SRK) is a minute worth beholding. His expressions are eccentric and tyke like. He dances with the gay abandon of a child. This is SRK more than ever.

After the teaser of the film and even the anthem track "Jabra Fan" gave the impression that it was a "sweet and simple" sort of film, the trailer may have surprised his fans, considering this "fan" gets agitated after an unpleasant experience with his most loved star and needs to get even with him.

In any case, Shah Rukh cleared up that his character is "not crazy, he's not a psychopath".

Last yet not the slightest, this movie is SRK's tribute to his own particular superstardom as seen through the eyes of his greatest ever fan.

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