Is The AlDub Sensation Losing Its Charm In Philippines?

After 36 years in Philippine the big time, Eat Bulaga could reinvent itself with the Aldub portion back in July. In light of information gave by Kantar Media Philippines, Eat Bulaga could more than double the quantity of its family unit viewers.

From a base of 2.5 million households last July 2015, the number went up to 6.2 million on Oct. 24, 2015, with the extra 3.7 million households viewing on Saturdays (the most astounding for the week).

The Charming AlDub Couple

These were for the most part new viewers from the unserved market, barring different fragments, for example, abroad Filipino workers.

There are around 20 million aggregate households in the Philippines. With somewhere in the range of 15.5 million households owning a TV set, the business sector potential for early afternoon TV show viewers is still moderately high. Observe that not everybody is sitting in front of the TV amid early afternoon.

A survey of the most recent number of viewers viewing Eat Bulaga, as audited by Kantar Media Philippines in November and December 2015, was disturbing.

It demonstrated a rapidly declining base of viewers. From a peak of 6.2 million households viewing last Oct. 24, 2015 when Maine Mendoza, half of the Aldub love group, wished "sana hindi kayo magsawa (I trust you won't become weary of us)," the number has deteriorated rapidly to just 4 million households following a month on Nov. 28 and 3.5 million on Dec. 6.

This further dropped to 3.3 million on Dec. 19 lastly to 2.65 million on Dec. 26. Eat Bulaga for all intents and purposes lost every single incremental client it picked up—losing 3.55 million viewing households in only two months while gaining just a measly 150,000 extra fans in spite of the numerous product endorsements that disclosed amid the same period.

Sad Alden And Maine

Most adherents of Eat Bulaga might recollect the two critical events that perhaps clarify the weakening in the quantity of viewers.

Mendoza, then otherwise called Yaya Dub for her part as a caregiver (yaya), was at long last ready to meet in person the other portion of the AlDub couple, Alden Richards, in their quite publicized event on Oct. 24 in the Philippine Arena after a solid resistance from Lola Nidora.

Also, Mendoza quit being strange, which was a piece of her prior allure. Rather than doing the Dubsmash, Mendoza has as of now revealed her genuine voice. She was likewise transformed from an underdog, young lady adjacent caregiver Yaya Dub to a more spectacular best in class talent Maine Mendoza.

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