Top 4 Controversies Of Camila Cabello From Fifth Harmony 

We should face the realities: Fifth Harmony would be nothing if Camila Cabello wasn't a part of the mathematical statement. Try not to misunderstand us — we cherish Lauren, Dinah, Ally and Normani and think each of the five of the girls are madly skilled, yet Camila brings that additional piece of spunk and sass that makes FH so adorable. Unfortch, Cam has likewise brought some dubious minutes. 

1. When she utilized a racial slur on her old Twitter channel 

Under the Twitter handle @rachetandsassy, Camila did a considerable measure of sketchy things. The bigot tweets developed in the late spring of 2013 and Fifth Harmony's fans were stunned by the content. While her activities were unforgivable, most Harmonizers remained close by and said that she was simply being youthful and stupid. Others, be that as it may, were past upset with the singer's harshness and still haven't gotten over it. 


2. What's more, when she re-tweeted some faulty content on the same record 

In addition to utilizing foul language, Camila went about re-tweeting things that she unquestionably ought to have avoided. In addition to the notes being awfully supremacist, ex-One Direction part Zayn Malik was the target of the attack. One tweet ridiculed Perrie Edwards and Zayn, suggesting that he was a Mexican and that Perrie was sitting tight for him at the border. Another tweet poked fun at One Direction's excursion to Africa and… better believe it. Not cool. AT ALL. Cam later tweeted an apology and blamed her foolishness on being immature and stupid. 


3. At the point when fans thought her "Bo$$" outfit was excessively hot 

At the point when Camila got wind that a few fans thought the Fifth Harmony girls dressed excessively provocative in the "Bo$$" music video, she took it upon herself to go to bat for what she accepted. Swinging to Ustream as her social media platform of choice, Cam said, "There was some controversy about our outfits and how we were dressed and stuff on the "Bo$$" music video. By the day's end, we're the main ones that are entitled to our bodies, and you're allowed to wear whatever makes you feel good and whatever makes you feel confident. Furthermore, that made us feel confident in the video." Go girl! 

4. When she had a two-week relationship with Austin Mahone 

Ausmila finished precisely like it began — truly quickly. Exactly when fans were getting used to them being a thing, Camila and Austin pulled the plug on their sentiment. Only a couple weeks after the "Justified, despite all the trouble" singer affirmed that she and Austin were, actually, prepared to open up to the world about their relationship, she told that the two were no more together on the grounds that "things happen."

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