Maine Mendoza's Meaningful Birthday Gift From Sister

Maine Mendoza got a shades Pandora charm from her eldest sister Nicolette.

The Eat Bulaga kalye-serye actress started her appeal gathering in 2014. Amid AlDub's fifth monthsary, she shared her number 16 appeal to commemorate that date in July 2015 when her love group with Alden Richards framed.

She imparted the note that went to the blessing on her Snapchat account. Albeit both didn't elaborate on the story behind the pair of shades, it appears to have been a critical memory for the Yaya Dub actress.

Maine Mendoza Gift From Sister

"Meng, on the grounds that you can purchase anything and we don't recognize what to give you. Might this help you to remember the time that you felt truly terrible in light of the fact that you can't supplant something you lost."

In 2013, the quick rising star incorporated the Pandora bracelet on her Christmas list of things to get.

"I've generally needed somebody to give me an appeal bracelet. I need him, yes, I favor "somebody" to be a fellow to give me charms on special events that speaks to me, my identity, something imperative to me, something I love; anything that is pertinent to my life. I need to take a gander at every appeal some time or another and remember a specific memory or event associated with it," she wrote on her blog.

In 2014, she got the bracelet and an appeal from her parents a couple of days after her birthday.

Albeit uncertain about the importance, netizens reviewed Maine's present for Alden last Christmas which was a couple of Ray-Ban shades. She offered it to him after the actress lost his pair in a shopping center appear.

"Shades? Christmas present ni meng ke rj ?," Instagram client abgldm wrote in aboutaldub16's account.

Maine Mendoza And Sister Pics

They additionally noticed how Maine had an appeal that perused "Love is forever" and hoped that it originated from her leading man.

"Yung shades n charm from ate Dub, 'yung bracelet from her parents, 'yung LOVE is forever - alam na this! Kc isa sa 2016 valentines gathering 'yan ng Pandora," netizen cdbuhain wrote.

Since she's a busy bee lately, a development birthday celebration was prepared for her.

The "Kalyeserye" star was shocked by her family, friends and fans with a Coachella-enlivened birthday celebration which happened at an events place in Quezon City on Monday.

One of her special guests is the elderly man who she got a ticket for the "Tamang Panahon" event last October.

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