History Behind The Celebration Of Maha Shivratri  

Maha Shivratri, the night of the worship of Shiva, falls on the Krishna Chathurdasi day, on the fourteenth night of the new moon amid the dark half in the month of Megha or in some cases in Phalguna too. As per the Puranas, amid the considerable mythical churning of the ocean called Samudra Manthan, a pot of toxin rose up out of the ocean. The divine beings and the evil presences were terrified as it could destroy the entire world. When they rushed to Shiva for offer, he to protect the world, some assistance with drinking the fatal toxic substance yet held it in his throat as opposed to gulping it. This turned his throat blue, and from that point forward he came to be known as Nilkantha, the blue-throated one. Shivratri celebrates this event by which Shiva saved the world.  

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A legend clarifies the throughout the night worship of Shiva on Shivratri. There was before a poor tribal man who was awesome devotee of Shiva. One day he dove deep into the woodland to gather firewood. In any case he lost his direction and couldn't return home before nightfall. As darkness fell, he heard the snarls of wild animals. Terrified, he climbed onto the closest tree for asylum till dawn. Roosted amongst the branches, he was apprehensive he would doze and tumble off the tree. To stay awake, he chose to pluck a leaf at once from the tree and drop it, while chanting the name of Shiva. At dawn, he understood that he had dropped a thousand leaves onto a Linga to keep himself awake, the tribal plucked one leaf at once from the tree and dropped it below which he had not found in the dark. The tree happened to be a wood apple or bel tree.

This unwitting throughout the night worship pleased Shiva, by whose beauty the tribal was rewarded with celestial rapture. This story is additionally recited on Mahashivaratri by devotees on quick. In the wake of watching the throughout the night quick, devotees eat the Prasad offered to Shiva.There is another possible purpose behind the origin of the throughout the night worship. Being a moonless night, individuals worshipped the god who wears the crescent moon as an enhancement in his hair, Shiva. This was likely to guarantee that the moon rose the following night.


Mahashivaratri is therefore a ritual as well as an infinite definition of the Hindu universe. It dispels ignorance, exudes the light of information, makes one mindful of the universe, ushers in the spring after the chilly and dry winter, and conjures the preeminent energy to take comprehension of the creatures that were created by Him.

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