Virat, Dhawan And Dhoni Bring Asia Cup Home For The 6th Time 

Absolutely never dangle a head before MS Dhoni. Not even his very own morphed picture. 

In the event that you do, he will exit with a swagger, mid-section puffed up, eyes blasting, a smile curving his lips — like a pleased fighter tested to a fight — and demolish you with two swings of his bat. 

No sword, no firearm. Yet, Dhoni will savagely annihilate the hubris of a cricketing country, quiet its petitions to God, pulverize its trusts and instruct a lesson to its Twitter trolls. With only two shots. Blast, blast, great night, man! 

Maybe in light of the fact that a Bangladeshi fan had committed the error of imagining and tweeting that one of their bowlers can scalp Dhoni and there was a greater score to settle. Thus, with the diversion probably balanced in the final snippets of the Asia Cup final, though to support India, out came Dhoni without a warning. 


Pursuing 121, India required 22 at that stage, off 14 balls. "Gabbar" Dhawan had recently withdrawn, got at point to a ball that could have disappeared into the boundary on some other day. 

On the crease, at the non-striker's end, was Virat Kohli, strong however somewhat subdued. In the discourse box, specialists were thinking about what number of would Bangladeshi bowlers leave for their team to defend in the final over. 

Dhoni walked out to the crease, advancing himself, maybe, without precedent for a final in the wake of winning for India the 2011 World Cup. 

The principal bundle of the thirteenth over — it was a 15-over game in view of rain — pitched just on the length, a shade outside off stump. Dhoni planted his foot on the track, swung his bat and deposited it 105 meters away into the midwicket boundary. 


A large portion of the Bangladesh supporters quit supplicating after this shot. The individuals who still had the temerity were hushed throughout the following three balls later, with a four and a six that sailed over midwicket. Go home, young men. Also, don't lose your head. 

This positively wasn't Dhoni's best innings. In T-20, getting 20 keeps running off the last two overs is a luxury and off one a test. Maybe, whatever other Indian batsmen could have taken India home in the final overs. 

However, for his fans, Dhoni's landing in the crease had its own particular imagery. Only a day prior, a Bangladeshi fan had morphed a picture demonstrating Dhoni's executed head in the hands of Taskin Ahmed. 

Note then, regardless of the possibility that it was simply luck, Dhoni walked out when Taskin was rocking the bowling alley, maybe to give him an opportunity to fulfill the morbid fantasy of Bangladeshi fans.

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