Shocking MMS of Couple getting Intimate in Metro 

CRB Tech Review - Life in Delhi is awesome you can never get a better city than it. With all the mouth watering food, the cold nights and all the love from the people. Delhi has been one city which has been an deserving part being one of the best national capitals. But the city has also an bad news for many people specially women who are being harassed on the road side. What looks like an reality where the road rage are even common. Thought the  city has some amazing public transport facility but what will happen when we see them through different angle.

Here is video of a couple traveling in metro which has become the lifeline of Delhi. Suddenly we saw something what the couple was doing wasn't alright. Being in public transport does require people to at least  have a decency. The metro doesn't look crowded but we have question for many people of Delhi. The couple gets in the sexual act with the girl opening her front buttons of her blouse. Though the metro doesn't have many people on the train but the CCTV was able caught. The couple then proceeds to have more sexual feelings. For more news related to Delhi visit CRB Tech Review.

Though public display of affection is not banned but it will be an big booster for many protests from other outfits for indecency. Even parks and other public spaces are not left out from such indecent acts. 

Though you are looking at sixth best standard of living in India this video raise many questions like 

Where we are heading? What our young generation is doing? are we forgetting our culture and our values ? As a society we have to learn from this incident and must act for on this.

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