Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles' Intimate Pictures Leaked Online! 

Kendall Jenner

It is not affirmed that the photos were from Cox's iCloud account however on Sunday "Anne's iCloud" was apparently drifting on Twitter after the primary photos surfaced. 

Cox's Twitter account has now been deleted and her daughter, and Styles' sister, Gemma took to the social media site on Sunday night to condemn those setting up false accounts indicating to be Cox saying her mom's life had been "sufficiently violated". 

In one pic they can be seen lounging opposite each other in swimwear while taking photographs of each other. Another picture demonstrates Styles' mum and step-father Robin posturing by him and Jenner at a supper table. Several candid shots show Styles getting a charge out of family time. In one he can be seen hugging his stride father on the couch. 

The hacker, who passes by the Twitter username @haarrystyles and is trailed by the 1D singer on the social media site, cases to have admittance to Styles' never-heard solo music.Despite uploading more than 30 pics, the client boasted that they had no less than 500 saved money on their computer. 

Harry, Kendall, and Anne's privacy was profoundly violated by this programmer. The perpetrator first went under the Twitter handle @haarrystyles, under her account was deleted. She immediately proceeded onward to another handle, @leoslut, and started to post more! She uncovered photos of Kendall and Harry having a candlelit supper together, Harry shirtless, playing guitar on the beach, Kendall and Harry snuggling while just in their swimming outfits… and a photo of what might have been Harry's family home. 

On Sunday night, Jenner's sister Khloe Kardashian responded to a fan who asked "do you have any opinion on the general population that hack other individuals and invade their privacy", to which she responded "that is ducked up and super obtrusive!!! Not cool." 

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