It’s tournament 2015 and every one we are able to think about is #WeWon’tGiveItBack. The crowds area unit roaring; there's the classic wave happening within the Australian construction, the groups area unit pumped-up up and also the world generally goes crazy. 

The boundaries and also the sixes leave US all wanting for additional. Among all this drama, we tend to develop eleven players World Health Organization love vogue the maximum amount as they love cricket. they're setting the sector blazing with their sensible game and impeccable vogue. 

1. Virat Kohli

He owns the dangerous boy look and rocks the road vogue with the maximum amount spunk as he will any semi-formal apparel. Kohli is definitely our man. 

2. Kevin Pieterson

Even though he isn’t enjoying this World Cup season, he can't be forgotten once it involves vogue. Pieterson has everybody greatly surprised once it involves dressing up.

3. Brendon McCullum

Be it the muscular engineered or the badass tattoos, he’ll provide anyone a last their cash simply along with his presence. New Zealand’s superior baseball player is most well-liked by photographers for the foremost candid vogue shots. 

4. Alastair Cook

Alastair Cook proves you don’t ought to look raw and rugged to be a category jock. together with his soft boy-next-door and well-groomed look, he's really a ladies’ favorite. 

5. Chris Gayle

Those dreadlocks need some serious maintenance. combine them up with a well-toned tall, dark and handsome body and you've got Chris Gayle, women and gentlemen. 

6. James Anderson

A good boy gone dangerous, Anderson’s vogue statement lies in his tattoos that cowl an oversized section of his well-sculpted higher trunk. he's the ambassador for ink in additional ways in which than one. 

7. Mitchell Johnson

The well-famed Movember hair that goes all the method down the left-hand quick bowler’s chin is simply one a part of his vogue persona. he's one athlete World Health Organization is actually snug in his skin. 

8. Eoin Morgan

The young athlete may prompt you of a pop singer. one in every of our favorite elements regarding Morgan is that the manner he will rock black. a straightforward V-neck T-shirt is enough for him to drag off his charm.

9. Daniel Vettori

He’s been around for a moment, and his vogue modified drastically a decent 5 years agone once he ditched the skinny metal silver- framed glasses for traditional daring black ones and a military haircut. 

10. Kane Williamson

He is best-known for his beard, the scanty-almost-not-there-but-still-there one. The jock nails the schoolboyish shuck dead equalisation the muscular anatomy. 

11. Andre Russell