One  Man tries the foremost gust- wrenching factor you will ever see

For some neurotransmitter junkies, extreme sports like base jumping and jump simply do not cut it within the thrill department. One such person is Herbert Spencer Seabrooke.

Slacklining, that is basically extreme rope walking, is Seabrooke's rush of selection. On August a pair of, he commenced to interrupt the globe record for longest free solo slackline ever completed. The 26-year-old Canadian walked a distance of 210 feet whereas suspended one,000 feet on top of the bottom...all while not the employment of a harness or the other safety instrumentality.

Check out the gut-wrenching footage below.

I excited a sweat looking that. It's exhausting to grasp the physical, mental, and emotional strength it'd desire pull that off. this can be one record i am happy to let some other person keep.