These 7 Things are Legal within the US

Hard to believe, however all of those things are literally legal in a minimum of one state of the country.

1. Drinking and driving

There aren't any laws in Mississippi that forestall the possession or consumption of alcohol whereas driving, as a result of Mississippi.

2. Driving a tank to the grocery

As long as your tank has rubber tires and has all the correct mirrors and lights and what not, you are entirely clear to drive it anyplace you would like. This may make a case for the Hummer.

3. create your curtilage a gun vary

In Sunshine State you'll be able to shoot tiny arms in your curtilage, however cannot shoot over a house that's occupied or on a public street.

4. Getting drunk with your kids

5. Practice

While technically there isn't any specific law against practice, anyone World Health Organization truly chuck human flesh is maybe getting to be charged with murder, sacrilege of corpses and necromania.

6. Passing at a double yellow line

7. Recording a phone call secretly