Things A Girl’s Crazy supporter Gets Away With

Is thus possessive concerning you that she becomes "Overly Obsessed BFF."

Every date night together with your man should essentially be stipendiary with a girl’s night out together with her.

Nicks and barefacedly grub your food from the white goods.

She makes it a degree to dutifully polish off all the Gajar Ka Halwa your Mum sent you before you’ve even had a bite.

Steals your spotlight and becomes the lifetime of the party.

Even then, she is going to clutch your hand tightly and whisper in your ear, "Don’t leave Maine metallic element. I'm scared."

Borrows your favorite LBD for a celebration.

"Only for every day, ya!"

Acts sort of a total drama queen each currently and so.

"No! I won’t withdraw today! I can’t realize my favorite combine of ballerinas!"

Forces you to travel out once you don’t need to.

When you are equipped to hit the bed, your BFF comes in barking "PARTY!" and drags you away.